Hello, I’m Zahra

INV Member @ IFIA

Zahra Lotfi Kovich

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Technical Specialist

I am Zahra Lotfi Kovich, a mechanical engineer, product designer, and inventor. Beyond the joy of supporting so many young innovators to explore their passions and skills, I am grateful for the opportunity that The RIT team gave me as a junior inventor to explore the world of invention. I am dedicating this newest chapter of my life to exploring challenges in the innovation world and creating new impactful projects of my own.


Ideation to Invention Tutor | 2022-Present

Teacher and coach on topics of creativity, innovation and invention to students

Solid Works Tutor | 2022-Present

Introductory and advanced SolidWorks teacher to students

Undergraduate Student Intern at IDEM | 2022

Teaching how to make and assemble diesel engine parts
Training on management of factory production line issues

R&D Team Member & Product Designer at Petro Pala Toos | 2021

Member of the research and information gathering team
The provider of the initial design for the production of a laboratory pilot for product testing

Project Manager and Product Design Promoter at Healthio | 2021

Supervising the correct implementation and execution of the research plan
Collection of product data
Improving the design of the device

Education and Qualification

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering @ Shahid Beheshti University | 2019-2023

As a Mechanical engineer, I learned to design, develop, build, and test products and brought these concepts to the world of the invention to produce some beneficial invents.


Gold Medal of the 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members | 2022


3D Modeling

3D modeling is a skill that I am very interested in, and I have been working with SolidWorks and Catia software for more than 3 years, and recently I got acquainted with 3d-Blender software.

3D Rendering

Taking attractive photos and videos of 3D models is one of my interests, and I am always gaining to update my skills in Key shot and 3D-Blender software.



One of the extraordinary skills that I have is teaching, specifically teaching my favorite subjects such as inventions and 3D modeling. I also utilize simple language to convey concepts.


Solving challenges and managing issues in a team process is one of the most interesting issues for me.