RIT’s Inventor Showcase at IIFME 2024

Live in kuwait | 04 to 07 Feb 2024

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Amirhossein AKBARPOUR

The foot washing and deodorizing machine is an invention in the field of foot washing and deodorzing system is related to the personal hygiene branch, which, considering the important issues of foot hygiene and also eliminating unpleasant odors in public places by washing peoples feet and making them pleasant and deodorizing, creates a pleasant feeling and satisfaction for all the people present.

Seyed Ahmadreza AHMADI
Mohammadreza KARIMI

Breast cancer, as the most common cancer among women and the second most common cancer in the world, imposes a lot of costs on health systems. Currently, breast cancer is diagnosed by a doctor through mammography with the help of X-rays and examination and palpation of the breast area, but unfortunately, the palpation method lacks sufficient accuracy and diagnostic mammography is also subject to age restrictions and certain conditions.


This device is specifically designed for individuals with diabetes at risk of Diabetic Ketoacidosis
(DKA), a common complication. It incorporates an image processing camera, heart rate sensor, temperature sensor, and a mouth ketone detection sensor, with a camera and ketone sensor.


some lesions e.g. anemia and hysterectomy and hemorrhagic shock may be occurred to mothers because of excessive bleeding after normal delivery.by this device such side effects may be prevented and the device can provide better conditions for the mothers. the womb massager device includes an abdominal bind with womb massager balls and in addition to having mat along with weight sensors it provides potential for accurate analysis and control of postpartum bleeding by keeping further limits for the mothers.


Inflatable Neck Splint is an invention in the field of orthopedics, which is designed to treat bruises, itching, swelling of the skin and medicine without opening the splint. At first, Darvia pours the relevant ointments into the tank of the device and detects the movements of the head using the Mpu9250 9-axis gyroscope. Then, with the help of structural keys, it distributes the material inside the tank through the ribbon tubes inside the splint, and by using the vibration and wind motor, it discharges the rhombus-shaped pixels that cover the entire inner part of the splint. , materials are distributed from top to


Today, the use of injectable drugs is much more than oral drugs due to their greater absorption and faster effect. This is usually done by packages with injection syringes and syringe heads of different needle sizes or with serum and injection angioket. Injection using a syringe due to the presence of plastic materials causes slipping during the injection, which causes damage to the person’s muscles or veins. And also because each syringe and needle is packed in separate sterile packages and each medicinal substance is packed in a separate medicinal bag. It causes environmental pollution.


Composting stands as a time-tested, eco-friendly approach to managing organic waste while concurrently enriching soil with essential nutrients. In the domain of processing leaves and plant materials, a notable player has emerged—the leaf composter. Esteemed by gardeners and eco-conscious individuals alike, this specialized device offers a sustainable solution to repurpose organic matter. A leaf composter serves as an adept tool in efficiently breaking down leaves and diverse organic materials, undergoing a transformative process to yield valuable compost.


This invention falls within the field of equipment used in the jewelry industry, this device solves common challenges in goldsmithing, especially setting gemstones and bending gold wires. These processes often lead to issues such as over bending, over straining and resulting injuries.


Introducing an innovative device designed to support children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, this psychological tool focuses on improving communication skills. A specialized play tool has been developed, encouraging children to enhance coordination between their hands and eyes through interaction with illuminated lights. Each press triggers a corresponding sound, and the objective is to complete a melody by continuing to press the lights until the entire song is played.

Mohammadhossein AFRAND

The head stabilization system is typically employed in neurosurgery to maintain the head and neck’s position during the surgery procedure. Depending on the type and area of the head operation, it is essential to place the patient’s head in specific positions. This enables the surgeon to access particular parts of the patient’s head and skull optimally, enhancing both the surgeon’s visibility and the utilization of surgical equipment.


Humans deal with a lot of tools and technology in their daily lives, and they do a lot of their work with electronics like phones, computers, laptops, and IDs, and it’s become a kind of device that has become an integral and irreplaceable part of human life.
We’re one of those people who do a lot of our work with these things, and many people do their jobs, and they have to work with computers and laptops for a long time and do their work. This causes long-term physical and mental problems for humans. One of the physical injuries is the damage to the muscles and nerves of the hand due to the excessive use of the mouse.


One of the problems that are usually raised by occupational therapy clinics is the inability to perform daily activities such as wearing shoes. Many of these clients suffer from diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other cases. Clubbed toes, muscle weakness, and cognitive problems prevent these people from wearing shoes, making it very difficult for them to wear shoes. But they are not enough.