Distribution is an important aspect of bringing any invention or innovation to market. It involves getting the product into the hands of customers through a network of distributors or retailers. Here are some key steps involved in distribution for invention and innovation


Choose a Distribution Model

Inventors must choose a distribution model that best suits their product and target market. This may involve selling directly to customers through an online store, or working with distributors and retailers to get the product onto store shelves.


Identify Potential Partners

Inventors should identify potential partners, such as distributors or retailers, who can help to get the product to market. This involves researching potential partners and identifying those who have the right experience, connections, and infrastructure to distribute the product effectively.

Develop Relationships

Once potential partners have been identified, inventors must develop relationships with them to build trust and rapport. This involves communicating the key benefits and features of the product, and working with partners to ensure that the product is distributed effectively.

Manage Inventory

Inventors must manage inventory to ensure that the product is available when customers want to buy it. This involves forecasting demand, managing stock levels, and working with partners to ensure that the product is available in the right quantities at the right time.


Monitor Performance

It is important to monitor the performance of distributors and retailers to ensure that the product is being distributed effectively. This involves tracking sales data, monitoring inventory levels, and working with partners to address any issues that arise.

Effective distribution is essential for the success of any invention or innovation. By choosing the right distribution model, identifying potential partners, developing relationships, managing inventory, and monitoring performance, inventors can ensure that their product reaches customers and generates sales.