Polyjet Services

  • Free Delivery
  • Rigid Photopolymer (Black, Grey, White)
  • Express 3D Printing within 7 Days

Polyjet 3D Printing Capacities

Polyjet is a rigid photopolymer 3D printing technology that produces high-detailed models. This process injects liquid photopolymer material and cures it layer by layer using UV light. Polyjet is known for its speed and excellent surface finish. It is also capable of printing in multiple materials at once.

Advantages of Polyjet With IFIA RIT

Massive Capacity

We can quickly produce both prototypes and large batches thanks to the largest manufacturing network in the world.


Fast Production

You will get your 3D printed parts fast delivered in as fast as 14 days.

Quality Assurance

We have strong QA procedures, controlled by an in-house team of QA engineers, which allows us to deliver high quality parts.

Engineering Check & Status Updates

All designs are checked by engineers before they’re sent for 3D printing. After confirming your order, you will receive status updates on your production.

Polyjet 3D Printing Materials

  • Photopolymer, rigid

Finishing Options


The support material is removed and the parts are cleaned.


Additional processing and finishes on request, such as sanding.

Comparison of Our 3D Printing Capabilities