High-Volume Manufacturing Services

Reactivity and fast production. Account management, in-house engineering support, and in-house quality control teams working for our customers.

Largest Production Network At Your Fingertips

Our strength lies in our ability to allocate orders according to the capacities and availability of our large network of suppliers. We ensure affordability, quality of manufacturing and quality of service.

Why Choose IFIA RIT for High-Volume Production

Economies of Scale

Get cheaper pricing per part at higher quantities. Framework agreements for a specific price and quantity.


Account Management

The account management team and the in-house engineering team manage orders and optimise processes, materials, designs, and costs.



Production and delivery of samples can represent a crucial part of your serial production order.

Parallel Production

If you have urgent high-volume projects, IFIA RIT’s production network offers simultaneous production at several sites to meet challenging deadlines.

Endless Options

60 different materials for hundreds of combinations of finishes, tolerances and markings. We also offer material certifications, inspections and measurement reports.


Vetted Network

All our production partners pass a strict quality test before working with us. As a result, only the best 30% of suppliers that apply make it through our qualification process.

In-house Quality Control

Strict in-house QC to ensure your parts are flawless.

Easy to Use

Get quick answers from our experts and production launches within a few days. Parts delivered without the hassle of sourcing, project management or logistics.


Production Capabilities Comparison Table