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Soheila Roshani

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Operations Manager

I’m Soheila Roshani an inventor, researcher, and team-oriented. As an inventor, I am constantly seeking out new ways to improve existing products and processes, and have a proven track record of developing and bringing new ideas to market. With a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems, I’m constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to improve efficiency, drive growth, and deliver exceptional results. My experience allows me to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, while my team-oriented approach enables me to collaborate effectively with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Whether working on a project independently or as part of a team, I consistently strive to deliver results that exceed expectations. My foresight and transfer experience enable me to anticipate future trends and identify opportunities for growth and innovation.


Managing Director at Marefat Asia Yadak Diesel Co. | 2002-Present

As the Managing Director of a private company, I have led teams to achieve outstanding results, driving growth, and profitability.

Creativity, Innovation and Invention Tutor | 2018-Present

My passion for innovation extends beyond my professional life, as I have also spent more than 5 years teaching and learning about the field.

Education and Qualification

Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention Course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2018-2020

I’ve been trained for more than 340 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal branding and development skills like an inventor
  • Strategic self-marketing and personal branding
  • Design thinking and creativity for innovation
  • How to design a successful business model
  • Idea, creativity, innovation, and change
  • Innovation: from plan to product
  • Genome of success 360 degrees

“Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty” course @WIPO | 2018

This course provides an introduction and general overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international system that facilitates the acquisition of patents on a global scale.

Sc., Industrial Management @ Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch | 2014-2019

In this Field I learned how to deals with industrial design, construction, management, and application of science and engineering principles to improve the entire industrial infrastructure and industrial processes.


Impact Of Using Innovation on Businesses During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Business Excellence and Management Journal | 2021

Creativity and Innovation in 2025 book | 2019

The Key Role of Creativity and Innovation in the Industry book | 2019


Silver Medal of the International Competition of Swiss Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2020

Gold Medal of the World Invention Competition, South Korea | 2019

Silver Medal of the Silicon Valley Competition, United States of America | 2019

Innovation Medal of the Ministry of Research and innovation From Romania | 2019

Platinum Medal IWIS Competition, Poland | 2018

Gold Medal of the World Women’s Invention Competition (KIWIE), South Korea | 2018

Gold Medal from ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018

Gold Medal of ARCA Tournament, Croatia | 2018

Gold Medal of the Foshan Tournament, China | 2018

Gold Medal of IENA, Germany | 2018

Gold Medal of iCAN, Canada | 2018

Bronze Medal of ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018

Special Prize of the World Women’s Invention Competition (KIWIE), South Korea | 2018

KIPA’s Special Awards of ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018

Special Prize of IWIS Competition, Warsaw, Poland | 2018

Special Award for the Best Female Inventor in iCAN, Canada | 2018

IFIA Special Award in IENA, Germany | 2018

The Valuable CITS Cup of the IWIS Tournament, Poland | 2018

Invention Certificate, Malaysia | 2018

Winner of the Valuable Medal of the United Nations Intellectual Property Organization WIPO | 2018


Hard Work

My dedication to hard work and commitment to excellence is evident in everything I do. Whether leading a team, collaborating with colleagues, or pursuing individual projects.

Public Speaker

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights with others, and have developed the ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner.


Expert in Innovation

I bring a friendly, approachable attitude to all of my work and always focused on delivering the best possible outcomes and exceeding expectations.

Crisis Management

My experience in crisis management has taught me to stay calm under pressure and develop effective solutions to mitigate risks and minimize potential damages.