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Niusha Ansari

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Executive Manager

I’m Niusha Ansari a passionate biomedical engineer, an inventor, and a team player. I work in the area of invention and innovation as a member of the RIT team and the Sound of Innovation team. I formerly taught classes on topics including invention, personal branding, essay and article writing, software and technical skills and so on, which also boasts impressive accomplishments, such as a significant percentage of students obtaining patents, participating in international invention festivals and contests, and receiving numerous medals and other awards.


Executive Manager | 2018-Present

Being honored to be one of Dr.  Masoud Shafaghi’s student and performing as the executive manager in plenty of his processes.

Creativity, Innovation and Invention Tutor | 2018-Present

I have taught many students throughout the years how to realize their aspirations and reach their goals.

Poster Presentation | 2018

I was lucky to represent my project titled “Design and Biomechanical Study of the Telescopic Wire for Pediatric Cardiac Pacemaker” at the World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland.

Education and Qualification

Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention Course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2018-2020

I’ve been trained for more than 340 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal branding and development skills like an inventor
  • Strategic self-marketing and personal branding
  • Design thinking and creativity for innovation
  • How to design a successful business model
  • Idea, creativity, innovation, and change
  • Innovation: from plan to product
  • Genome of success 360 degrees

“Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty” course @WIPO | 2019

This course provides an introduction and general overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international system that facilitates the acquisition of patents on a global scale.

IP WAVE FOR CREATIVE WOMEN LEADERS @ 11th International Academy for Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs | 2019

I had the chance to participate in the course that was held with the presence and lectures of top women and entrepreneurs in the field of intellectual property and in these two days I got to know the following topics:

  • Using the IP System to Develop and Protect an Invention
  • Protecting Creativity and Using the Creativity
  • Obtaining Patent Protection
  • Experience of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs in Using IP System in Business Strategy.

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering @ Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch | 2017-2019

I graduated from my master’s degree with excellent grades and it brought me the right stepping stone to pursuing my dreams and achieving my career goals.

B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering @ Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch | 2012-2016

Biomedical Engineering provide me an amazingly opportunity to continue my education.


Static Analysis and Design of Innovative Porous Lumbar Interbody Cages. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal | 2023

Impact of Using Innovation on Businesses During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Business Excellence and Management Journal | 2021

Creativity, Innovation and Invention in Biomedical Engineering book | 2018-2019

Mimics Software Training book | 2018


Silver Prize of International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2021

Bronze Prize of International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2021

Gold Prize of International Festival Silicone Valley, America | 2019

3 Silver Prize of Korea International Women Invention Exposition, South Korea | 2019

Silver Prize of International Fair, India | 2019

Diploma of Center of Women Inventors of Uzbekistan | 2019

Certificate of Award 1st Grade in Recognition of the Most Stupendous and Creative Work at World Invention Academic Conferences, South Korea | 2019



I discovered that I have a strong interest in the field of research that aims to improve the world.

Work Ethic

I firmly believe that hard work and perseverance have a moral advantage as well as an innate capacity, virtue, or value to develop character and individual skills.


Teamwork Spirit

I make an effort to always be a good teammate and remember that a teamwork mission can be simplified by having a teamwork spirit.


Entrepreneurship is the field of the future that is beneficial to individuals as well as societies.