Product Manager

Hello, I’m Mohammad

INV Member @ IFIA

Mohammad Hossein Ghafouri Moghadam

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Product Manager

I am Mohammad Ghafouri Moghadam, a sharp, driven, and energetic inventor. In the face of ambiguity and pressure, I am endlessly positive and bring those I work with up when the environment can be pulling a team down. My empathy and open-minded approach made people experience joy to work with me. I have a lot of creativity and brilliant ideas but listen to my teammate’s ideas equally without ego. I really enjoy working on cutting-edge projects and developing and enabling new technologies in the hope that these will one day translate back to the real world and have a direct impact on our lives.


Technical Manager @ Cellulose Packaging Industries | 2018- 2021

A technical manager is responsible for making key decisions related to continuous improvement in all areas of technical operations and managing teams that are developing materials.

Computer Systems Technical Expert @ Parhan company | 2015-2018

I have always strived to have excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills, broad technical knowledge and good work management abilities to succeed as a computer technician.

Communication Technical Expert @ Southeast Iran Railway | 2013-2015

The Technical Communications Specialist will focus on technical writing for data and web platform documentation used for help systems, operational procedures, and manuals as well as branding, messaging and general communications tasks.

Electronics Instructor @ Hatf Technical University | 2009-2012

Teaching always helps me to learn new things and to transfer knowledge simultaneously.

Innovation and Inventions Teacher @ Tizhoshan Farzanegan Girl’s High School | 2011-peresent

Having a creative and innovative look is one of the characteristics that can be taught to teenagers to create a better view of things for them.

Education and Qualification

“Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty” course @WIPO | 2018

This course provides an introduction and general overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international system that facilitates the acquisition of patents on a global scale.

B.Sc. Electronics @ Hatef Zahedan University | 2009-2013

Since I was interested in the technical field, I decided to study at the university in the field of electronics so that I could increase my knowledge and do different projects with my creative vision.


Design a New Home‑based Multifunctional Physiotherapy Device for Musculoskeletal Pain Relief, Preventive, Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies in Medicine Journal | 2022

An Upgrade Pinning Block: A Mechanical Practical Aid for Fast Labelling of the Insect Specimens, Biodiversity Data Journal | 2017


Bronze Medal of Invention Salon International Des Invention, Geneva, Switzerland | 2021

Silver Medal of Innovation Week IWA, Rabat, Morocco | 2020

Silver Medal of Seoul International Invention Fair, Seoul, South Korea | 2019

Taiwan Special Award of International Innovation Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea | 2019

2 Gold Medal of Invention Festival, Kuwait | 2018

Taiwan Special Award of International Innovation Exhibition, Kuwait | 2018

The First Place in the Country for the Superior Technology of Making Warrior Robots | 2011

The Third Place in the National Competition of Firefighting Robots | 2009


Electronics and Internet of Things

Designing, Calculating, and Analyzing Electronic Circuits, PIC, and Arduino Microcontrollers with Proteus and Altium Design Software.

Mechanical Design

Designing parts in 3D Max, SolidWorks, and printing 3D parts.

Graphic Design

Creating graphic designs with Photoshop software for projects with color monitors.


Working with mini-CNC machine, 3D printer, resin, fiberglass, and silicone.