International Public Relations Manager

Hello, I’m Maede

INV Member @ IFIA 


Maede Mostaghimi

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International Public Relations Manager

I’m Maede Mostaghimi an inventor and expert in nutrition and diet therapy. I’m a team player, but I never accept a no. My ambition and passion for what I do are uncanny, and it’s been my pleasure to follow the progress and grow confidently in my professional role over time. I’m interested in progressing in fields of innovation and invention and work and trying to expand cooperation with different groups and institutions.


Tutor | 20122-Present

I started teaching creativity, innovation, and invention in June 2022, and teaching is one of my favorite fields.

Nutrition Internship at Sayyad Shirazi | 2021-2022

In the last year of my university, I interned in the hospitals of Gorgan in Iran for one year and followed the treatment process of the patients with the recommended diet.

Collaboration in Research Project at Golestan University of Medical Science, Faculty of Health | 2020-2022

I conducted observational and clinical research on diabetes, thyroid, and autism. During this time, I gained experience in research activities in different fields to complete a study.

Nutrition Counseling at Trendan | 2020-2021

For a year, I consulted in nutrition and sales of sports supplements used by athletes in a company that represented Australia in Iran. On the other hand, I also worked in the field of research and development in this company.

Education and Qualification

Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2021-2022

I’ve been trained for 120 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal Branding Mastery the System to Reinvent Yourself
  • Innovation Strategy and Design Thinking
  • Idea, Creativity, Innovation and Change

B.Sc. Nutrition Science @ Golestan University of Medical Science | 2018-2022

The focus of my Bachelor’s program was dedicated to the basics of natural science and biomedicine.


New Approaches in the Field Biomedical Engineering book | 2022


Gold Medal of the 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members | 2022

Bronze Medal of the 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members | 2022

Gold Medal of International Invention Competition (iCAN), Canada | 2022

Special Award of International Invention Competition (iCAN), Canada | 2022



If you let me some responsibility, you can be sure I’ll do it better than your imagination.

Analysis and Logical Thinking

I can analyze the situation well, make the right decision, and logically view the events around me.


Foresight and Planning Long-Term Strategies

Whatever I do, I always look to the future and its impact on me in the long run, and I plan a path for myself according to possible future events.


If I need to do several tasks at the same time, I can plan for all of them, and I can focus on several missions simultaneously.