Hello, I’m Amirhossein

INV Member @ IFIA

Amirhossein Kolahchian

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Researcher Development

I am Amirhossein Kolahchian, a high school student, researcher, and inventor. Whether it be inventing novel solutions or exploring innovative approaches to teaching, I am always driven to think differently and find fresh perspectives. As a consultant and educator, my expertise lies in nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and encouraging innovative thinking. As the youngest member of RIT, I am continuously motivated to enhance my knowledge and skills, particularly in the realm of project management. My utmost passion lies in undertaking thrilling and captivating endeavors, always striving for excellence.


Creativity, Innovation and Invention Tutor | 2023-Present

I’m so interested in teaching and sharing my knowledge with other students like me.

Education and Qualification

High school @ Allame helli Tehran | 2023-present

Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention Course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2021-2022

I’ve been trained for more than 120 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal branding mastery the system to reinvent yourself
  • Innovation strategy and design thinking
  • Idea, creativity, innovation, and change


Silver Medal of 8th International invention innovation competition in Canada, ICAN | 2023

Gold Medal of 3rd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members, Geneva, Switzerland | 2023

Gold Medal of 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members, Geneva, Switzerland | 2022

Gold Medal of the International Competition of Swiss Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2022

Bronze Medal of Robotic Steam cup | 2019

Best Commercialization team prize of Robotic Steam cup | 2019



I have always been fascinated by the awe-inspiring world of scientific and technological advancements. So, I devote my time tirelessly to exploration, investigation, and nurturing.

Public Speaking

I’m so interested in sharing things that I know with other people and also learning things from them.


Creative Ideation

I constantly strive to engage in a more imaginative and inventive thought process, as it enables me to effectively address a wide array of challenges from a uniquely creative standpoint.

Hard Work

I never succumb to fatigue and consistently accomplishing tasks to the highest standard is paramount to me, as they define my identity as a hard-working individual.