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Hello, I’m Alireza

INV Member @ IFIA


Alireza Movahed

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Executive Consultant

I’m Alireza Movahed, an industrial engineer, inventor, and web developer. As an inventor, I have always been fascinated by how things work and how to improve them. I was tinkering with things from a young age, taking them apart and putting them back together in new and innovative ways. Over the years, this passion for innovation has grown stronger. With each new project, I strive to break the boundaries of what is possible, develop ideas that challenge conventional thinking, and provide unique solutions to complex problems. Today I am proud to say that I do something that can help people and make the world a better place.


Creativity, Innovation, and Invention Tutor | 2022-Present

Teacher and coach on topics of creativity, innovation and invention to students.

Director Manager at Rahbalad Kavir | 2017-2021

Rahbalad Kavir is a specialized desert tourism company in the LUT Desert of Iran.

Robotics Instructor at Abu Ali Sina Research Institute | 2014-2017

During these years as a junior instructor, I taught basic robotics to students.

Education and Qualification

B.Sc., Industrial Engineering @ Birjand University of Technology | 2018-Present

As an industrial engineer, I’ve always tried to find new ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes.


Gold Medal of the 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members | 2022

FIRI Award for the Best Innovation of IBN SINA Student Festival | 2017

First Place in Civil Engineering of IBN SINA Student Festival | 2017

National 6th Place in 18th Khwarizmi Young Award in the Field of Architecture and Construction, Iran | 2016


Hard Work

My dedication to hard work and commitment to excellence is evident in everything I do. Whether leading a team, collaborating with colleagues, or pursuing individual projects.

Public Speaking

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights with others and have developed the ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner.


Innovation Expert

I bring a friendly, approachable attitude to all of my work and am always focused on delivering the best possible outcomes and exceeding expectations.

Strategic Planning

Nothing in the innovation world can come to the proper result without suitable strategic planning and determining vision, mission, and goals. And the consequence of appropriate strategic planning is a great personal brand.