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INV Member @ IFIA

Seyed AhmadReza Ahmadi

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Researcher Development

I’m Seyed Ahmadreza Ahmadi, an inventor, and biomedical engineer. I’ve gone through a number of phases in my career, and each of them has informed my current work ethos and philosophy. I have excelled in a number of project management roles in medical industries, and believe that my number one asset is my ability to adapt to any challenge that is thrown my way. Joining the RIT team as an inventor provided me with an amazing opportunity to participate in a professional development program specially designed for creative innovators.


Professor Assistant at Zand University of Shiraz | 2020-Present

Due to my interest in the topic of education, being in the university makes me always up-to-date and able to convey my information to them.

Medical Equipment Expert at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences | 2020-Present

Inspection of medical equipment and maintenance of devices is one of the work priorities of a medical engineer in the health industry.

Mentor of Inventions and Innovations | 2020-Present

One of the interests that I have always had as an inventor is to be able to teach the knowledge I had in the world of inventions and continue to receive training in this field.

Member of the Board of Directors at the Knowledge-Based Nano Javan Sanat company | 2020-Present

As a creative person, I decided to be active in the medical nanofiber production department in the company in order to be able to establish a connection between the idea and the market.

Head of R&D Group of Sadra Research Laboratory | 2019-Present

My interest in the field of research made me work for a while as the head of the research and development department in the area of animal testing.

Educational Manager of Kowsar complex | 2018-2020

As a concerned medical engineer, in this complex, I taught medical equipment to doctors and treatment staff so that they could do their jobs more easily.

Education and Qualification

Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2021-2022

I’ve been trained for 120 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal Branding Mastery the System to Reinvent Yourself
  • Innovation Strategy and Design Thinking
  • Idea, Creativity, Innovation and Change

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering  @Sahand University of Tabriz | 2019-2022

Specialist in performing mechanical tissue tests.

B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering @ Islamic Azad University Fasa Branch | 2016-2019

During my bachelor I was the first student of university for six semesters.


Changes in Biomechanical Factors of Gait in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis After Total Hip and Knee Replacement, 3rd International Congress on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation | 2021

Emergency Events General Managing System, Communications and Protection of Health Staves of Petroleum Platform Including Experience Axial Artificial Intelligence,13th International Conference on Engineering and Technology | 2019


Gold Medal of International Invention Competition, Canada | 2022

Canadian Special Award of Excellence, Canada | 2022

Special Award of TISIAS, Canada | 2022

Gold Medal of the 2nd International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members | 2022

Silver Medal of Seoul International Invention Fair, South Korea | 2021

Bronze Medal of International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2021

Third Prize of National Competition of Iranian Vibration and Acoustics Association, Iran | 2021



Personal branding for companies, collections, and individuals according to the persona of the contacts.

Research and Development

I am examining the latest science and implementing new devices and systems.



I can make complicated subjects simple and teach them to all the people with different methods.

Market Consultancy

Review, design, cultivate, and develop the idea according to the customer’s perspective and the specified period, and prepare it to enter global markets.