The highly anticipated “Innovation Master Class 2023” commenced its 19 May 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting learning journey for participants from across the globe. The distinguished speaker for this session was Masoud Shafaghi, the Strategic Planning & Executive Office Manager at the International Federation Of Inventors’ Associations-IFIA, a renowned expert in the field of innovation and idea validation. The class, hosted by “Research Innovation Teams-RIT,” was conducted online and attracted more than 200 eager participants from 14 countries.
The inaugural session of the Innovation Master Class 2023 delved into the essential topics of innovation and idea generation, emphasizing the importance of idea validation.

Masoud Shafaghi, an esteemed thought leader and practitioner in the field, brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the virtual stage, captivating the audience with his insights and experiences. The international reach of the class was truly impressive, with participants joining from Iran, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Oman, and several other countries. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the attendees created a dynamic and enriching learning environment.
In an effort to foster inclusivity and accessibility, the Innovation Master Class 2023 incorporated real-time interpretation services for both deaf individuals and Participants from English-speaking countries. This approach allowed everyone to fully engage with the content and actively participate in the class, regardless of language barriers.
During the six-hour training session, Mr. Shafaghi discussed the importance of innovation and technology, elaborating on the details of idea validation for registering as an invention or entering the market. He introduced several online and web-based software tools for idea evaluation. Masoud Shafaghi emphasized the importance of effective search techniques to find relevant data, including searching on platforms such as Google, patent databases like Patent Scope, and article repositories such as PubMed.

One of the important points that Mr. Shafaghi highlighted throughout the class was the consideration of legal and contractual aspects when discussing any idea with individuals or entities. He emphasized the significance of Non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements before engaging in any process.
The session concluded with a discussion on legal matters and an introduction to the agenda for the next session, scheduled for 16:30. Two days later, RIT emailed all the participants a link to download the workbook so that they can complete assignments and exercises before the next session of the one-year program.
The success of the first session of the Innovation Master Class 2023 has set the stage for future sessions and highlighted the growing importance of continuous learning and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving world. Both the organizers and participants are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming sessions, which promise to provide further valuable insights and inspiration from industry experts.