The ninth session of the Innovation Masterclass convened on January 19, 2024, focusing on the intricate subject of “Flexible Strategic Frameworks in Innovation.” Running from 10 am to 4:30 pm, this session featured two distinguished presenters, Ms. Soheila Roshani, serving as Operations Manager at IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, and Ms. Melina Keivanzade, a Research and Development Specialist and Project Manager at Tiva Innovative Solution.

The session offered a thorough exploration of vital components within the realm of a feasibility study, encompassing an array of crucial elements. Participants delved into the intricacies of complementary software applications, gaining insights into their role in enhancing the feasibility study process. The examination of market studies equipped attendees with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, including key factors influencing their innovative projects. Additionally, the session unfolded critical considerations related to investment goals and strategies, providing a holistic view of the strategic decision-making process.

Moreover, participants were immersed in the nuanced aspects of forecasting supply possibilities, a crucial component for anticipating and addressing potential challenges in the innovation landscape. The session delved into the meticulous analysis of domestic and foreign demand, shedding light on the complexities of navigating diverse markets. The determination of economic project capacity emerged as a focal point, offering participants strategic insights into the scalability and sustainability of their innovative endeavors. Furthermore, the exploration extended to the meticulous conduction of financial and economic studies, empowering participants with the tools needed to make informed decisions.

This academic journey into flexible strategic frameworks served as a catalyst for participants to navigate the multifaceted landscape of innovation. By providing a robust foundation, the session empowered attendees to comprehend the intricacies of developing and implementing innovative strategies. The heightened anticipation for the upcoming tenth session, scheduled for February 16, 2024, and focused on “Business Plan for Innovators,” underscores the eagerness of participants to delve into the intricate process of crafting comprehensive business plans. This forthcoming session promises to guide and propel their innovative initiatives, offering a transformative experience.

As the Innovation Masterclass consistently proves itself as an invaluable resource for aspiring innovators, participants are strongly encouraged to remain informed through regular updates on the “IFIA RIT” website or by engaging directly with the program’s organizers. The ongoing success of the Innovation Masterclass is anchored in its unwavering commitment to providing a blend of practical guidance and academic rigor, ensuring participants are well-prepared for success in the dynamic realm of innovation.