Topic of Session: Product Technical Toolbox

The fifth session of the Innovation Masterclass, held on September 22, 2023, was dedicated to the technical aspects of inventions. This enlightening session featured two experts from IFIA RIT’s technical team, accompanied by the Director of Product Management, alongside Dr. Masoud Shafaghi, the Executive Office Manager and Strategic Planner of the International Federation of Inventors.

A diverse group of 180 inventors from 16 countries around the world participated in this session, which commenced at 10:00 AM and concluded at 4:30 PM.

The session began with an introduction to the technical team by the program host, Mr. Sherwin Zavarei. Mr. Faramars Sahraei, an expert from IFIA RIT’s technical department, enlightened the inventors regarding inventions with market potential and the industrial aspect of bringing inventions into the real world. Mr. Sahraei emphasized that inventors must consider the market, including cost and pricing aspects, before entering it. At this stage, seeking guidance from experts in the field is crucial to make better and more suitable choices. With over 20 years of experience in the field of inventions, Mr. Sahraei shared his insights into entering the market and the mechanical aspects of ideas and inventions with the participating inventors.

Continuing from Mr. Sahraei’s discussion, Engineer Mohammad Hossein Ghafouri Moghadam, the Director of Product Management at IFIA RIT, who has brought many inventors’ ideas to life, provided an in-depth explanation of the electronic aspects of inventions. He covered the entire project process, from design to creating the initial prototype and the industrial model. He introduced the educational board designed by IFIA RIT’s team and explained the components and modules used in this board. He also discussed how to recognize and select electronic components and modules for various ideas. Furthermore, he introduced several websites where inventors could find information on available components and samples in the Iranian market.

Subsequently, Mr. Alireza Delisnav, a technical expert from IFIA RIT, addressed topics related to artificial intelligence (AI), including image processing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and AI-related programming in various inventions. He emphasized the need to consider the presence of AI in inventions and ideas, and how to intelligently incorporate it into them. Sometimes, the presence of AI is not necessary, and inventors should seek advice from consultants regarding the smartification of their ideas.

Throughout the session, inventors posed questions related to the technical aspects of their inventions and ideas. These questions were expertly answered by the technical team at IFIA RIT, covering various technical domains.

Dr. Masoud Shafaghi, the program’s Strategic Planner, stressed the importance of inventors taking the presence of their inventions in the real world and the market seriously. He highlighted the necessity for individuals who require these inventions to be able to utilize them. Increasing inventors’ knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, programming, and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly facilitate this process.

The fifth session of the Innovation Masterclass showcased the program’s commitment to providing inventors with the knowledge and tools they need to bring their inventions to fruition and into the global market. The journey of exploration and innovation continues, with each session paving the way for inventors to realize their dreams and make a lasting impact on the world.