The “Artificial Intelligence, Product, and Invention – Homa” event, an intricately orchestrated and specialized gathering, unfolded on December 28, 2023, facilitated by IFIA Research Innovation Teams (RIT) Department and Filoger Group, the esteemed Artificial Intelligence Society of Iran. The event aimed not only to delve into the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and inventive pursuits but also to highlight the versatile nature of artificial intelligence, proposing it as a patent-worthy entity due to its classification as a product.

The reverberating success of the Homa event, as evidenced by the official public relations report, resounded both within the physical venue and the virtual space, attracting an approximate 300 audience in-person and of 2500 individuals in online mode. Notably, the event attracted a diverse spectrum of attendees, including distinguished medical professionals, doctors, ear, nose, and throat specialists, innovators, inventors and university professors, lending an elevated scholarly ambiance to the proceedings.

The event hosted luminaries from the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations in Geneva, Switzerland, and notable organizations such as Digikala, Filimo, and Cafe Bazaar. These seasoned speakers illuminated various dimensions, from extraordinary inventions to the indispensable role of artificial intelligence in propelling developmental trajectories.

Setting the tone for the event, Mr. Moein Kafi, the senior product manager of Cafe Bazaar, delivered an inaugural address and an invigorating video presentation. He articulated the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in daily life, emphasizing its unique attributes, particularly in information protection, and delving into the exponential growth of daily searches. Following this dynamic initiation, Mr. Masoud Kaviani, Senior Data Scientist at Filimo/Aparat and Zeevracht , Germany, explored the critical significance of expertise in programming languages and the collaborative formation of teams within the discourse of artificial intelligence.

Concluding the event with a thought-provoking address, Mr. Masoud Shafaghi, Strategic Planning and Executive Office Manager at the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations-IFIA in Geneva, Switzerland, offered a distinctive perspective on the interplay between artificial intelligence and inventive processes. Presenting compelling statistics derived from Iranian monitoring engines and relevant figures from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), he disclosed the publication and registration of 3.5 million PCTs in 2023. Mr. Shafaghi seized the audience’s attention with an unexpected admonition: “Don’t patent for Emigration,” stressing that patenting should stem from a genuine commitment to problem-solving and the creation of valuable products.

The meticulously curated Homa event extended beyond individual presentations to include a panel discussion. This engaging session delved into nuanced topics, encompassing the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, their interface with product development, the transformative impact of these innovations across diverse industries, and the enigmatic future that lies ahead. Seasoned specialists and experts contributed profound insights, analyses, and solutions to the dynamic discourse. Positioned as a unique forum for knowledge dissemination, professional networking, and technological advancement, the “Artificial Intelligence, Product, and Invention – Homa” event garnered the interest of not only artificial intelligence and technology enthusiasts, but also individuals passionate about innovation and progress. It stands as a significant leap forward in promoting and expanding technical knowledge, particularly within the domains of artificial intelligence, product development, and invention.