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Session 11 – Preparing the Invention to Enter the Market

15 March 2024 | 10:00 - 16:30

Innovation is a critical driver of growth and development in modern society, and inventors play a vital role in this process by creating new products and technologies that can change the world. However, inventors often face significant challenges when it comes to bringing their inventions to market. They must navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks, develop effective business strategies, and overcome obstacles related to funding and investment.

Masoud Shafaghi, the Strategic Planning and Executive Office Manager of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), understands the difficulties that inventors face when preparing their inventions to enter the market. In his upcoming one-year Innovation Master Class, he will provide inventors with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome these challenges and successfully bring their inventions to market.

The Master Class will cover a range of topics related to preparing inventions for market entry, including market research, product design, and business planning. Shafaghi will explore the importance of conducting thorough market research to identify potential customers and competitors, as well as how to design products that meet the needs of those customers effectively. He will also discuss how to create a comprehensive business plan that outlines the product’s value proposition, target market, distribution channels, and pricing strategy.

Another critical aspect of preparing an invention for market entry is intellectual property protection. Inventors must take steps to ensure their ideas are adequately protected through patents, trademarks, or copyrights to prevent others from copying or stealing their work. Shafaghi will discuss the different types of intellectual property protection available and provide guidance on how to obtain and maintain these protections.

In addition to legal protection, inventors must also consider the manufacturing and distribution processes required to bring their inventions to market. Shafaghi will explore different manufacturing methods and distribution channels, including licensing agreements and partnerships, and provide guidance on how to choose the best approach for each specific product.

Finally, funding and investment are crucial components of successfully bringing an invention to market. Inventors must secure adequate funding to cover the costs of product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Shafaghi will discuss different funding sources, such as grants, loans, and venture capital, and provide guidance on how to develop effective investment strategies.

In conclusion, preparing inventions to enter the market is a complex process that requires inventors to navigate various legal, business, and financial considerations. By taking the Master Class on preparing inventions for market entry, inventors can gain the knowledge and skills they need to overcome these challenges and successfully bring their innovations to the world. With Masoud Shafaghi’s guidance, inventors can turn their ideas into successful products that benefit society and drive economic growth.


15 March 2024
10:00 - 16:30
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