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Emad DolatShah

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Futures Studies Manager

I am Emad DolatShah, a creative and innovative entrepreneur in the jewelry industry, currently Vice President of Research and Technology of the Iranian Association for Gold, Jewelry, Watches and Gemstone Exporters. I am also the director of Isfahan Province Gold and Jewelry Research Institute. My extensive and specialized innovations and studies in the fields of ontology of knowledge, emerging technologies, interdisciplinary sciences, future research and foresight It has caused me to be chosen many times as an exemplary researcher and selected manager of knowledge-based companies And in Iran, I am known as a scientist of gold industry. My ability and interest in increasing productivity; It is the simplification and systematization of complex processes and issues, as well as the production of creative and unique products and the usage of modern science in industry and economy.


Spearheading Sustainable Innovation in the Global Jewelry Industry, IFIA RIT Collaboration | 2024 – Present

We are creating an information center and a department for emerging innovations in the world’s jewelry industry in collaboration with IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, using the capacities of inventors, researchers and international researchers in fields related to the jewelry industry So that we can rely on new and environmentally friendly technologies to create a practical and accessible transformation for everyone.

Assistant director of Research and Technology Union of Gold, Jewellery, Watch and Gemstone Producers and Exporters of Iran | 2022 – Present

In this direction, to legislate and explain evaluation methods and write scientific articles on the skills required in the jewelry industry. We also provide consulting, support, knowledge-base and expression services to researchers and industrialists and send business delegations to exhibitions.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Scientific Committee and Director | 2021 – Present

In my role as a member of the board of directors of the Research Institute of the Gold and Jewelry Association of Isfahan Province, we organize specialized courses and conferences, draft essential guidelines required by this industry in the form of scientific and research publications, and assess the academic endeavors of students within this sector

Founder and CEO of “Ayandeh Negaran” Futurists Scientific Institute | 2013 – Present

In this institute, the writing of gold and jewelry strategic documents, the creation of the gold and jewelry industry road map, and the writing of the future trend map of the world until 2050, as well as the prototyping of new inventions and products of this industry, are carried out according to the request of applicants. So that people active in this field can see the latest technologies in the world in a concrete way and can design and produce their product portfolio and economic model in accordance with their work strategies and research and development according to the needs of the market.

Advisor to 3 ministries of the country | 2010 – Present

I’ve served as an advisor to three ministries, specializing in entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary sciences, future research, emerging technologies, and problem-solving.

Consultant and founder of 5 think tanks and lecturer | 2010 – Present

In this role, I lead 5 think thanks and teach 22 subjects at different universities in Iran.

Education and Qualification

Future studies and foresight, medical and chemical engineering and entrepreneurship,

technology management | 2010 – 2020

TRIZ have been studied in private higher education institutions. So that I can use this knowledge to recognize the weak signals of the future and design and produce practical products and innovations for my partner organizations, and in this way I can be an accurate and accurate consultant for my group.

Software @ Shiraz Faculty of Industrial Management | 2009

At this point, I increased the productivity and wrote specialized software for organizations and reduced the human resources and increased the efficiency of organizations and was able to program chemical molecules using software algorithms, so that they have special activities.

Software of Systems @ Scientific Applied Isfahan | 2006

At this time became aware and active about programming and the opportunities available to increase the productivity of daily tasks with software knowledge.

Communication and Electronics @ Shahid Chamran Specialized School | 2004

At this level of education, I learned basic sciences and my interest in implementing automation projects.

Publication & Achievement

Inventions and research projects: more than 170 research projects and innovative products or inventions

Authors: 29 volumes (25 volumes of books in the field of foresight and future research – 2 volumes in the field of cognitive sciences – 1 volume of management and etymology of knowledge – 1 volume of invention and innovation)

Translation: 20 (2 volumes of books in the field of future research and cognitive sciences and 17 volumes of the theory of solving complex problems)

Translation and research: 4 projects in the field of cognitive science and foresight

Articles: 39 industrial articles in the industrial and managerial fields of new technologies, future research and entrepreneurship

Scientific theories and formulas: 11 theories – 2 formulas in the processes of future research and foresight and knowledge management

Production of scientific documents: 18 national documents and 2 international documents in the field of entrepreneurship and tourism

Creating computer programs: 10 titles, including 8 organizational software programs and 2 specialized programs for scenario analysis

Media: 147 episodes of the radio program entitled “Moj Danesh” on Fars Radio

Scientific lectures: more than 13 cases of national seminars and 21 cases of provincial seminars in the fields of inventions, the future of knowledge, cognitive sciences, new technologies, knowledge management



It requires a different and efficient precision in analyzing and observing the strengths and weaknesses of any system, which makes it the most important element in my work process, so that I can examine different issues and solve them appropriately in terms of scenario and analysis of its clusters.

Counseling and Coaching

One of my activities is to provide counseling to business owners and entrepreneurs so that they can be informed about the demand in the market before it is created and produce it. Get a good brand


Technology Driver

The fact that the technological strategies of human life depend on science and knowledge has always attracted me and I am interested in cooperating with technology drive teams in my work processes. Because the future is made of our today’s patents and today is made of the imaginations of our ancestors.


My ability to use computer algorithms allowed me to follow these algorithms in material molecules and create new products and materials, which are most of my innovations in the field of chemistry and convergent technologies of NBIC


Problem solving

I have been inventing for years and in an exhibition I got acquainted with the theory of creative problem solving and I learned it well to the point where I wrote articles in this field and realized that if we solve problems systematically, our time and energy will be infinitely saved and I offer this experience in the form of training courses and seminars.

Citation Sciences

knowledge as long as it is not written and repeatable; It is not useful for human beings, and the distinction between a valuable knowledge and a pseudo-science can only be made by evaluating it scientifically. Ontology, tree of knowledge, scientific coefficients, quarterly journals and validation of knowledge are some of Injab’s interests. Together with my strong team at the Islamic World Science Information Center, I have been able to increase my scientometric skills and help validate theories of researchers and inventors.

Creativity and Innovation

Using the right intellectual capacities and imagination to create a process in a better and more useful way is my passion and I tend to share the findings with others in a more general, academic language. In 2020, for example, by learning of the coronavirus crisis, I was able, by forming a strong team, to set up a general factory for producing disinfectant in Shiraz, and provide its products to the government, hospitals and the people free of charge so I could perform my humanitarian duty towards humans.